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Using you control all ads on all your sites from one place. Convenient dashboard, report generators for detailed statistics, convenient tools for output and display of ads.
Advertising networks and our partners
Ad output plugin for Wordpress
With our plugin, you can display all customized ads in a few minutes, in the right place on the site. The plugin can be downloaded for free, you can find it by searching for plugins in Wordpress. Using the plugin and the functionality of the service, you can target:
By device type
Configure different ads for different devices - mobiles, tablets and desktop computers.
You can select a country, region, or separate city. For example, while Yandex Advertising Network is banned in Ukraine, so as not to lose users, you can display Google for Ukraine, for others Yandex Advertising Network.
By screen width
You can fine-tune ads for different monitors, for example, on small display 2 ads in a row, on large 3 or more.
By time
You can set the time to display the advertisement, for example, display only on Monday from 10 to 12 and on Friday from 18 to 20.
By browser
Choose a separate browser to display ads, for example, you can show Edge users a banner that offers to download Chrome or vice versa.
By operating system
You can display different ads to Windows, macOS, and Linux users.
By referrer
Display different ads for users if they came to the site directly or from the Google or Yandex search engine.
By page or page path
You can display different ads on different pages or sections of sites.
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A/B testing system

Earn more by monetizing your traffic as much as possible. Various affiliate programs pay differently depending on the subject of the site, the advertising block placement, the user's device or day of the week. In order to understand what is more profitable for a separate site need to do split tests. In it's very easy - just add two ads with the same targets, and that's it, the simplest test has already begun.

You can compare different ad networks or different ad formats within the same network. Leave those who pay more, get more income from the same traffic. Can use autorotation - a tool that gives more priority to ads with more CPM, so you will automatically receive more income.


Forget about Excel and heaps of different ad network accounts, it’s worth adding yours site once in, and at any moment you can see all the statistics for all your sites in your office, on a convenient dashboard.

If you need a detailed, in-depth report, you can create it yourself using the report generator and download it.


Additional income for your sites. Just put the code on the site, collect the subscriber base, connect monetization and earn more. If you do not have a website, you can simply buy traffic, send it to our landing pages and earn (for details contact our support).

You can use your database to send notifications, for example, you can set up a push mailings by RSS, and all your subscribers will receive a notification when new articles are released, send a push about a new arrival of goods or bonuses.

You can also act as an advertiser and buy push-traffic of subscribers from sites, who have subscriber monetization enabled.

Follow everything we do to make our service even more useful for you. Do not miss the news, there we tell the most important changes that will allow you to earn more.
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